Most of us wish the private sphere to remain far from legal issues. Often, calling an attorney comes across as a synonym of litigation. In this case, you are forgetting the attorney's role as a counsellor, mediator and conciliator; as an objective person that can bring a new perspective and hindsight to problems.

Neighbourhood problems, analysis of an employment contract, insurance or dealings with the administration are occasions where legal counsel can avoid many nuisances.

Very often, it can be convenient to carefully plan certain important stages of life like the acquisition of a building, a succession….

Some conflicts cannot unfortunately be avoided and our approach seeks to accompany and defend the litigant. We know that the functioning of the judiciary might seem nebulous for non-specialists. This is why you will be able to count on the strength of our team when it comes to responding to litigations that might require different skills.

« dispute avoidance or
dispute management»